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Adwood products are made from solid pine wood. We do not use any lumber from rain forests or other protected areas, in fact all our lumber comes from environmentally certified forests.

Pine wood is a clean, renewable resource and therefore far more environmentally friendly than plastic and steel shelving.

Burned plastic Wikipedia tells us that plastic "covers a range of synthetic or semi synthetic polymerization products. There are few natural polymers generally considered to be 'plastics'." Most plastics have a petroleum base with chemical additives to produce colour, surface quality or flexibility. Plastics are durable and degrade very slowly.

If plastic is burned, toxic fumes are released. The manufacture of plastics can create appalling quantities of chemical pollutants.

Steel Mill McMaster University research was the first in the world to show that urban air pollution causes gene damage which animals pass from one generation to the next. Despite improvements in environmental protection law over the last 40 years, steel mills are notorious for producing some of the worst industrial pollution.

Even if you do not consider the negative effects of the above, with the costs of both oil and steel increasing, wood shelving is much more cost effective than plastic or steel.

Dead Pine Trees In British Columbia's interior, the Mountain Pine Beetle infestation has reached epidemic proportions, wiping out trees in huge areas. The beetles do not eat the wood, and the wood is viable for a number of years after the tree is killed. The beetles are not in the wood, but in the phloem layer under the bark so the wood is safe for transportation and manufacture. Because of the devastation caused by the Pine Beetle, large areas of lodge pole pine must be cut down.  Due to our manufacturing process we are able to use this wood that would otherwise be waste or be burned. The City of Fort St. John website has more information about pine beetles.

Garage Pine ShelvingAdwood Manufacturing products are environmentally friendly, using waste wood for re-manufacture. The units are cost effective, easy to assemble and dis-assemble. They have a clean, sparse design which can be left plain to show the beauty of the wood, or finished in a colour or stain of choice. We produce gargage storage shelving, bankers box shelfing, organizers, wine racks, moving and storage boxes, industrial shelving, shoe shelves and unfinished wood furniture in bulk to order.

Download the Australian study "Review of the Environmental Impact of Wood Compared with Alternative Products Used in the Production of Furniture," to learn how wood is more sustainable and ecologically viable in the production of window frames, flooring, furniture and TV units.